About Thrilling Miracles!

This a blog about good food. Most of the time it will be food I cook. Sometimes it will be food I eat in interesting and exciting places. All of the time it will be food accompanied by photos.

About Me(!)

My name is Kim and I am a born-and-bred Midwesterner. I grew up in Wisconsin eating lots of cheese, casseroles, and things I now realize were either German or German-inspired. My family is big on desserts, and I grew up eating some high-quality cakes, pies, and various bar-shaped concoctions. The result? I’m highly discerning when it comes to “trends” like cupcakes and pie, and will often argue that “I can make a way better ____.”

I moved to Chicago for school seven years ago, where I came to love things unfamiliar to my childhood self –guacamole, sushi, falafel, Thai food– opening a whole new world of flavors and inspirations. I also spent some time in France eating a lot more cheese, developing a devotion to Belgian beer, and twice attempting to cook Thanksgiving dinners.

I am now a new arrival in Brooklyn, frequently cooking and eating with my boyfriend, Dan. He’s most often the one discovering new places we should eat or markets we should check out, and will probably end up deserving credit for a good half of the restaurants, recipes, and photos that end up on here.


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