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crispy roasted duck legs

3 Apr

Friends, I am not lying when I say you MUST save this recipe. Bookmark it. Print it out and put it in your recipe box. Cook it tonight and memorize the recipe. It is the easiest, most delicious, restaurant-quality dish to impress your friends, your family, or just yourself. In all honesty, the hardest part is finding duck legs. So find some duck legs.

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[super bowl] turkey chili

6 Feb

As I stirred my bubbling pot of turkey chili yesterday, it occurred to me that this is the third straight year I have made chili for the Super Bowl, and a different type of chili each year at that. Two years ago it was a veggie chili, to accommodate a vegan friend but enjoyed by all (and topped with cheese by most). Last year it was my dad’s beef chili, a classic meaty chili filled with onions and kidney beans. This year I wasn’t feeling the beef, so I hit up the internet to find a turkey chili recipe… Continue reading