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thai-inspired salmon with soba noodles

12 Feb

This is yet another excellent recipe pulled from America’s Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers, a quarterly compilation from the same brilliant minds behind Cook’s Illustrated. Though the recipe calls for grilling the salmon, we have been learning lately that our beloved toaster oven is a great stand-in for a grill when set on “broil” (I can only assume the actual broiler attached to the oven would work equally well). Paired with some simple soba noodles, this is a delicious and surprisingly simple dinner. Continue reading

pasta with arugula, chorizo, and romano

27 Sep

Oh man…I know, I know…I have seriously fallen down on the job. With the chaos of a new apartment, a new job, and over a week without internet, I could claim to have several excuses for my disappointing blog maintenance, but, knowing that it was partly just my own laziness, I will just say that I am very sorry and apologize by giving you this delicious recipe. I can promise it won’t disappoint you because a) it is from America’s Test Kitchen, and b) I have made it twice now and loved it both times.

Continue reading

sesame peanut noodles with chicken

23 Aug

I’m going to try to exaggerate as little as possible when I write about these noodles, but it’s going to be hard. I love these noodles. They are so addictive. And they’re best eaten cold, which means you can make a whole bunch of them, throw them in the fridge, and eat them on a whim whenever you want. They’re awesome. Continue reading