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as you like it: a story of banana muffins (or bread)

8 Jul

If you are thinking that these should really be called “cupcakes,” and not “muffins,” you are completely 100% right. These are, for all intents and purposes, banana cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting, but we’ll get to that later). However, these delicious cupcakes derived from my absolute favorite Martha Stewart banana bread recipe, and for that reason we can pretend, just a little bit, that they are not as intensely rich and cupcake-y as they became after several twists and turns.

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a garden, a grill, a girl

2 Jul


Dear Readers who have not abandoned me in my absence, I hope you are as happy as I am that it’s finally gardening and grilling season. Summer is in full swing, and I am so excited for all of the fresh berries, crunchy veggies, and juicy tomatoes, not to mention all of the outdoor eating! Picnics, cookouts, bars with patios…and my roommate and I are lucky enough to have our very own yard, with our very own garden, and our very own charcoal grill. When it’s not too stiflingly hot to be outside, it’s going to be a great summer. Continue reading

crispy roasted duck legs

3 Apr

Friends, I am not lying when I say you MUST save this recipe. Bookmark it. Print it out and put it in your recipe box. Cook it tonight and memorize the recipe. It is the easiest, most delicious, restaurant-quality dish to impress your friends, your family, or just yourself. In all honesty, the hardest part is finding duck legs. So find some duck legs.

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carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

26 Feb

I know there is nothing exciting or revealing about this statement, because anyone who knows anything about food blogs will agree, but can I just tell you how much I love Smitten Kitchen? And how wonderful and lovely and charming I can only assume the writer, Deb, is? She is my food blogger idol, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Gorgeous photos, charming writing, and amazingly delicious recipes. And what do you think this has to do with carrot cupcakes? Hmm… Continue reading

thai-inspired salmon with soba noodles

12 Feb

This is yet another excellent recipe pulled from America’s Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers, a quarterly compilation from the same brilliant minds behind Cook’s Illustrated. Though the recipe calls for grilling the salmon, we have been learning lately that our beloved toaster oven is a great stand-in for a grill when set on “broil” (I can only assume the actual broiler attached to the oven would work equally well). Paired with some simple soba noodles, this is a delicious and surprisingly simple dinner. Continue reading

[super bowl] turkey chili

6 Feb

As I stirred my bubbling pot of turkey chili yesterday, it occurred to me that this is the third straight year I have made chili for the Super Bowl, and a different type of chili each year at that. Two years ago it was a veggie chili, to accommodate a vegan friend but enjoyed by all (and topped with cheese by most). Last year it was my dad’s beef chili, a classic meaty chili filled with onions and kidney beans. This year I wasn’t feeling the beef, so I hit up the internet to find a turkey chili recipe… Continue reading

about those cookies…

15 Jan

My dear readers, all five or six of you, I am so sorry I have failed you! I tempted you with photos of cookies, promised to provide the recipes…and never followed through. Now it’s January, when everyone is trying to hit the gym and ignore the sweets, and I am giving you cookies. Delicious, sugary, buttery cookies. While I won’t try to say I’m not wrong, I also won’t say you have to wait until next December to try these out. Cookies are delicious all year round, and as long as we stick to our other resolutions…what’s so wrong with a cookie here and there??

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dad’s sunday morning pancakes

15 Jan

More often than not, weekend mornings find me craving brunch. Omelets, home fries, someone keeping my coffee full and hot…there’s nothing better, especially if the night before was a late one and involved more than a drink or two. Last night was one of those nights, but this morning was not one of those mornings. I wanted pancakes. My dad’s pancakes. Continue reading

incredible cupcakes (and they’re vegan, too!)

22 Nov


Over the years I’ve had quite a few friends with dietary restrictions (who, coincidentally, often happened to be my roommates). As someone who can and will eat just about anything, this was initially a bit of a road block for my love of baking. How can you make delicious treats without gluten? Without dairy??

Luckily, it’s really not too hard, and it’s also a lot of fun to bake for people who aren’t used to being able to eat cookies or brownies or, in this case, super-moist, insanely delicious cupcakes. What might be even more satisfying is the reaction of non-dietary-restricted people when they find out that what they’re eating is gluten- or dairy-free — generally some incredulous variation of “No way! But it’s so good!” The happy occasion for this particular round of cupcakes was a housewarming party for myself and my lovely, lactose-intolerant roommate. Continue reading

bourbon apple pie with pecan streusel

12 Oct

For some reason I actually had off of work for Columbus Day to…think about Columbus? Of course, I wasn’t expecting it at all, but it gave me an opportunity to make some really delicious, though not Columbus-inspired, food. In addition to this yummy pie, I made Vietnamese noodle bowls that I will definitely write about soon. But this pie…this pie is one of the best apple pies I have ever had. Ever. (Modest, I know, but wait until you try it!) Continue reading